The female-only environment of Pulse72 makes you totally comfortable working out with us, no matter what shape or size you are - or think you are!

Our programmes are tailored especially for women who have never exercised before or who feel self-conscious about exercising in a mixed environment.

Whether you're too shy to try or want to reach specific goals - achieving the body you want has never been more attainable. Improve the way you look and feel forever!

Achieve the results you want in an atmosphere you'll love!

10 reasons to choose exercise

  • To be the healthiest in the family
  • To make your partner think 'wow'
  • To make new friendships
  • To keep up with your kids
  • To be the envy of your friends
  • To look in the mirror and like what you see
  • To take time just for yourself
  • To help you achieve your dreams
  • To learn to laugh off stress
  • To have a good excuse to go clothes shopping!